Hypoglycemia And Our Sugar Nation

With the growing prevalence of hypoglycemia in Australia, another way at looking at the condition is that our pancreases do not know how to fit into the 21st century where people are eating a high sugar diet. Modern foods are highly processed and sugar-loaded and our pancreases have not evolved to handle this change in  our diets. This causes our bodies and our minds to be starved of fuel as blood sugar levels continue to crash.

It can be said that hypoglycemia is not a disease, but rather a reflection of the fact that we live in a society where we all are made to eat a lot of sugar. Each person now consumes 20 times more sugar than people did 100 years ago and 100 times more per person than 200 years ago.

Food technology moves much faster than human evolution. Hypoglycemic people do not fit into a high-sugar society and so long as such society lasts, we will continue to have people diagnosed with hypoglycemia. While it is easy to be pessimistic that we as a society will prevail against hypoglycemia and diabetes, it is incredibly important to remember that one can person can beat it.

Follow Hypoaware, know the symptoms, know your body and be aware of the signs in your children, parents or friends.

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One Response to Hypoglycemia And Our Sugar Nation

  1. fee millist says:

    interesting way to look at it. imagine if sugar was still an expensive luxury….solve hypoglycaemia and obesity in one swoop. maybe they should bring in a sugar tax.

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