Tulsi Tea: The benefits

Tulsi, otherwise known as “holy basil”, has been used by Indian and Sri Lankan culture for centuries for its medicinal properties. Beyond its benefits as a seasonal flavouring, the herb is considered an all-purpose remedy for fighting off colds and flu, boosting the immune system and purifying the blood.

The best-known medicinal properties of holy basil are its blood-sugar moderation and stress-fighting abilities. Studies have linked the plant to hypoglycemia and diabetes treatment due to its ability to moderate and lower blood-sugar. Hypoglycemic individuals may find that tulsi tea helps to regulate blood-sugar levels as well as reducing stress and anxiety. Uneven blood-sugar levels can create energy crashes, depression and mood swings, thus tulsi tea can help stabilise an individual’s mood and energy levels. Additionally, this stress-reduced benefit may help decrease the frequency of stress-induced hypoglycemic episodes and prevent sugar cravings (plus it’s delicious!).

The benefits of tulsi do not stop there. The tea also contains antioxidants and cleansing properties that may help prevent diseases. Antioxidants help prevent certain types of cancers and fight free radicals to slow the ageing process. The herb is often incorporated as a part of an overall detoxification diet designed by qualified health professionals and is a common active ingredient in various detox programs. As a herbal supplement, tulsi has few side-effects, is caffeine free and it’s possible to drink it daily. However, users should be aware of its potential conflict with blood thinning medications and further medical supervision may be needed before consuming the herbal supplement. It is always recommended to consult your health care professional before trialling any herbal supplements.

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